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Acer appears to be lagging far behind vendors like HP, Dell and most others in their BIOS utilities especially for remote or build tine customisation. Recently I needed to ensure that SecureBoot was enabled on all Acer Spin 7 laptops running Windows 10. The main Acer utility H2OFFT-Wx64.exe (which you can find by extracting the latest ZDV_xxx.exe) has a few command line switches but nothing documented to enable or disable SecureBoot.

However, it appears that simply running ZDV_114.exe on a suitable machine (right model, plugged in, at least 50% charged), will enable SecureBoot. Luckily for me, I wanted it enabled. Now, this process will work if you are upgrading the BIOS to a newer version. If you want to downgrade or stay at the same version, hex.ro/wp/blog/insydeflash-bios-downgrade/ suggests modifying the platform.ini file (also extracted from H2OFFT-Wx64.exe) and ensuring the file includes


Now, if deploying this change remotely, please be aware that a reboot is required and if you are already using BitLocker, you will absolutely need to suspend or disable it first.


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