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I’ve been seeing these errors with a range of App-V sequences installed to Windows 7 PCs with App-V 5.0 SP2 installed. Trying both Hotfix 2 and Hotfix 5 didn’t make a difference.

Troubleshooting info on the 0x5 indicated Access Denied and using procmon, this ultimately led back to Access Denied errors when trying to CreateFile in C:\ProgramData. Granting Domain Users special permissions on This folder only to Create files / write data appears to have resolved this.


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MSI error 1904 and 1905

These Windows Installer errors are related, 1904 is for modules registering (usually during an install) , 1905 is for modules unregistering (usually during an install).

This will display an error along the lines of

Windows Installer Error 1904
Module [2] failed to register. HRESULT [3].

This can be resolved by removing the entry for [2] from either/or the ISSelfReg and SelfReg tables. There’s some further information on appdeploy.

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Internal error 2709

If you come across this in an msi, take a look in your component table and see if there are entries there that are no longer in your install. I had this after replacing comdlg32.ocx with a merge module.

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