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If you’re running IE7 under WinXP, in order to run Windows Explorer with the runas command, it must be run as a separate process. There’s a couple of ways to do this, but one that I recently found which is very slick is with the undocumented parameter /separate, like this:

runas /user:domain\username "explorer /separate"

Oh, and if you’ve got a space in your username, enter it as /user:”domain\user name”


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Ah SAPGUI, what a friendly piece of software for a system administrator! We’ve seen problems with IE7 on computers with SAPGUI and have rolled computers back to IE6. So, I had what I thought was a good idea – I’ll use the software metering rules in SMS, work out computers that haven’t used SAP for ages and uninstall it – reduce the size of the problem.

Unfortunately, it looks like after you uninstall SAPGUI 6.40 if you try to print in IE7 and/or Outlook you’ll have the minor problem of it not printing – as in not giving you the printer selection dialogue box. I haven’t worked out what exactly is causing it but be careful of this if uninstalling SAPGUI (as opposed to upgrading).

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