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Inno Setup unpack

A couple of weeks ago I came across a vendor setup I was trying to install silently. I identified this as an Inno Setup by finding the uninstall command line in the registry being unins….exe /SILENT.

So trying the /SILENT switch worked on the installation worked fine except that the nested MDAC 2.6 installation wasn’t using an unattended switch, so it would still require a click. I tried installing MDAC beforehand, but the installation still behaved the same waiting for a click. I could have captured the installation of MDAC along with the rest of the installation, but I prefer to install this type of standard prerequisite with the vendor’s standard setup, so I attempted to find some way to dig into the Inno Setup.

I found an Inno setup unpacker called innounp, which extracted the installation. I also downloaded the latest version of InnoSetup so that I could view and compile the installation. What I ended up doing was finding the prerequisites in the installation, grabbing the files and finding the silent install commands and then removing them from the installation. I compiled the installation then, but still got a few more errors, in particular with:

  • InnoSetupVersion=5.1.7 (which I removed)
  • and a couple of duplicated file copies.

Once I removed all of these, I recompiled the installation.

I could then:

  • install the prerequisites (Jet, MDAC, VB6)
  • start a SetupCapture of my recompilation
  • run my recompilation
  • close capture

And then the capture held only the program installation that I was interested in.


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