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There are a variety of different methods for configuring SCCM software distribution and reasons for choosing one way or the other. I’m going to look to expand this list, but would emphasise that this is personal opinion. Without any consultation or authority, here are what I consider to be best practice for some tasks in SCCM:

  • Programs that upgrade installed software, set the Environment to Program can run: Only when no user is logged on. This will reduce the likelihood of software being in use and failing to upgrade/uninstall as expected.
  • Programs that reboot, set the Environment to Program can run: Only when no user is logged on. This isn’t always practical, but if you wanted to upgrade something like Internet Explorer and you want or require a reboot, try and get it to run when nobody’s using the PC.

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SMS Client Center

A great tool that’s used for managing your SMS/SCCM infrastructure and clients is SMS Client Center. It’s a free download from http://sourceforge.net/projects/smsclictr. Among other great stuff, it lets you remotely re-run advertisements.

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Slow news day

Not much successful has happened so far today, Vista keeps blue screening, BDD builds aren’t working so I’m rebulding the server and will put BDD back up and go again.

Just for completeness, when I managed to get past the blue screen it was only to get the disk booting again which managed to tell me that the build was complete with the following errors:

  • Unable to get WinNT ADSI provider: (-2147221020)
  • ERROR – ZTITatoo state restore task should be running in the full OS, aborting
  • ZTIERROR – Non-zero return code by ZTITatoo, rc = 1 (this one twice) 

This morning was taken up with chasing how to update the security updates in SMS. I didn’t get anything to work for this, but Dave’s managed to coerce SMS into displaying some new updates.

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