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Vista company line

I was thinking about it the other day after someone asked me “Why are you upgrading to Vista?” I babbled something about security, but I decided I couldn’t really sell ease of use, superior interface, Office 2007. Having thought about it, I can’t give a single great reason, but maybe a combination of little reasons.

But, thing is we’ve got thousands of staff who are going to be asking or at least thinking the same thing. I hope the answer they get makes them feel good, so I looked around and found some articles: PC World, Microsoft, TechRepublic. Oh and I love the explanation of using ReadyBoost. Forget that you’ve basically got to get a new machine to run Vista well, you then want a ton of RAM + a USB drive.

Best reasons I can see that mean something to an end user:

  • Security
  • Sidebar
  • Desktop Search

Is this list too weak? Maybe, but it might just need the right examples or explanation…


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