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I’ve tried running a Vista box on a domain this week and have been trying to run Sun VirtualBox 2.0.4¬†as a replacement for VMWare Workstation. I’d read promising reports of VirtualBox, but I was unable to create a new machine and boot it off the network. Why on earth would someone do that? Plenty of corporate environments use a network image for the SOE installation and straight off, VirtualBox doesn’t play nicely. Depending on how a corporate image is put together, you may be able to mount a disc and build a corporate machine with VirtualBox, but you can’t in¬†every instance. Don’t get me wrong, for some people I’m sure VirtualBox is the bee’s knees, but for network boots, look elsewhere.

If you are running Vista as your host OS, your main options then are VMWare and Virtual PC. If you don’t have a licence for VMWare 6 (where they bought in Vista support), it looks like Virtual PC is the only option.


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