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There’s plenty of information around about using ocsetup to install Windows components in Vista and Windows 7. However, there’s not a lot of information about installing items with prerequisites. I needed to install MSMQ-HTTP recently and found that it required WAS and IIS to be installed beforehand. Now, I found some MSDN information on installing the prerequisites but found that I still couldn’t install MSMQ-HTTP using that unattended file.

What I found was that the item required needed to be specified in the unattended file, but so did the parent items in the tree. So, for MSMQ-HTTP, I also needed to add MSMQ-Container and MSMQ-Server, as well as MSMQ-HTTP.

With all the items now specified in the unattend.xml file, I could run ocsetup MSMQ-HTTP /unattendfile:”unattend.xml” using the following unattend.xml:

<?xml version=”1.0″?>
    <package action=”configure”>
      <assemblyIdentity name=”Microsoft-Windows-Foundation-Package” version=”6.1.7600.16385″ language=”neutral” processorArchitecture=”x86″ publicKeyToken=”31bf3856ad364e35″ versionScope=”nonSxS”/>
      <selection name=”WAS-WindowsActivationService” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”WAS-ProcessModel” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”WAS-NetFxEnvironment” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”WAS-ConfigurationAPI” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”IIS-WebServerRole” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”IIS-WebServer” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”IIS-CommonHttpFeatures” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”IIS-ApplicationDevelopment” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”IIS-HealthAndDiagnostics” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”IIS-Performance” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”IIS-WebServerManagementTools” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”IIS-IIS6ManagementCompatibility” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”IIS-StaticContent” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”IIS-DefaultDocument” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”IIS-DirectoryBrowsing” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”IIS-HttpErrors” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”IIS-HttpRedirect” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”IIS-RequestFiltering” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”IIS-NetFxExtensibility” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”IIS-HttpLogging” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”IIS-LoggingLibraries” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”IIS-RequestMonitor” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”IIS-HttpTracing” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”IIS-HttpCompressionStatic” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”IIS-ManagementConsole” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”IIS-ISAPIExtensions” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”IIS-Metabase” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”MSMQ-Container” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”MSMQ-Server” state=”true”/>
      <selection name=”MSMQ-HTTP” state=”true”/>


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I read about MSIFASTINSTALL with great hope that it would reduce installation times as documented in Alex Verboon’s article. Sadly this hasn’t been my experience. I decided I’d test a sequence of installations including Flash Player, Access Runtimes, Reader, QuickTime, Java 6, Silverlight and Shockwave on Windows 7 RC. There were also some other non msi installations.

My average time for 2 runs without MSIFASTINSTALL was 7 min 29 secs, 3 runs with MSIFASTINSTALL=7 was 8 min 3 secs and 2 runs with MSIFASTINSTALL=1 was 7 min 47 seconds. I would have loved to have seen this speed up a few installs, but sorry to say – not for me!

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